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The first and only strapless backless bra in the world, Bustfree is the Bra of the Future,  
designed to sit on your breast and stay their without the need of  Adhesive
Made of a soft medical grade material and light as a feather,
Bustfree bra will give you the freedom to wear all your fashion favorites, even swimwear.
There is no limit with our strapless backless No Adhesive Bra of the Future.

Bustfree strapless backless bra is wash 'n' wear and will outlast your conventional bra,  
wash by hand and dry over night, No Bleach !! dry inside out of the sunlight.
How does it stay on your bust with no adhesive. The shape molds to your bust and worn with clothes that
are fitted in the bust area, Could say its a miricale 
Will not fall down, You will never want to wear anything else as it feels like you are wearing nothing,
can be worn in your swimmers, Great shape and good enhancement bra
Fitting is easy
Put your clothes on first,then place cups over your bust making sure you lift your bust at the same time
This is a bra replacement worn with all summer and winter clothes,after you have tried the
BustFee strapless backless, Bra of the future, you will be so happy,
you will never want to wear anything else

The health benifits are endless
Neck pain, back pain, had your breast removed, moles under arms, glands in your bust, their are a few more
and we will list them as we get feedback from you. BustFree is healthy for your breasts
like no other bra,
Available in 4 sizes and three colours, Australian invention Australian owned 

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I was not sure at first but after trying them on, I realised just how good this Bustfree bra felt, hope this feeling last as i'm the fact that there"s no sticky adhesive like all the others backless strapless bras now I know why you call it the Bra of the Future
Kathy SA 
The fact that there is no Adhesive and I can swim in this bra sold me, I love the summer and spend alot of time at the beach now I look good on the beach makes my breast took biger yah hoooow
Thanks Samanther    Bondi NSW

I purchased one of your bras last month and thought it was a stick on bra ? but after reading the instructions and realising it was adhesive free got nervous, I tried it and was so surprised at the feel and look of the bra, I couldn't wait to tell my friends about it, I won't be bothered with any stick on bras again, I have found Bustfree and thats what I'll be wearing from now on, and it will last 2years,  Bargin       Wendy QLD
4 Pack Special

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Trio Pack
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     You looking For a Bra That's  Strapless ,Backless, and 
          Looks like a breast cup works like a Bra
                Now Available online only      


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4 Pack Special

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Trio Pack
" Special " 

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Strapless Backless BustFree
Bra of the Future

No Adhesive Wash n Wear Bra

strapless backless Bustfree bra
Bra of the Future  / Last for 2 yrs
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