Looks like a breast cup works like a bra ? No Adhesive Bra the only one in the world
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Put your clothes on first  ?

Then place the cup over your breast, lifting it up at the same time, then pull your top down, make sure the cup is under your bust properly for support.

Do the same with the other breast
Check in the mirror to see you have them even. Do not pull your top down too much or you will get movement.

After placing the NO Adhesive Bust 'B' Free bra on,
lift up your arms and if they do not move, you have fitted them correctly,
If there is movement, try again and don't pull to tight on your clothes.

Now enjoy the comfort and freedom of NO Adhesive Bust 'B' Free bra.
Now go  shopping and buy the clothes you could not wear before. How good is that?

Bust free of your old  bra and get the comfort you deserve starting today !
Fitting Directions
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