YOU are not going to believe it !! We have found a soft  grade material that actually stretches with the shape and size of your bust, Which means if your bust grows the Bust 'B' Free Bra will grow a size with you !!     We worked hard to get the perfect shape for your Bust !!

The BUST 'B'' FREE BRA is a unique bra that is healthy for your breast allowing them to breathe and be comfortable without straps on your shoulders or back clips to do up

This Bra is lite weight and feels like you are wearing No Bra at all  !!
Its Wash 'N' Wear as it has no Adhesive to hold it in place and will outlast all your bras

Bust 'B' Free Bra will stay in place and not fall down

No back fat, Great shape,Looks good, Feels great

Comfort and support with this bra Freedom for your breast is here

You will be amazed how good they feel !! Looks like a breast cup works like a Bra

The  only bra of its kind available
Bust  'B' Free Bra will  give you comfort and support


Copyright  2011 Taylor Group
Side view
No Anoying tapes
No sticky adhesive

Backless Dresses
Strapless tops/dresses
No Straps / No Wires
Easy to fit Great to wear

No Front clip
Front View


Single mother Kelly Westall inventor of the Bustfree Bra launched on the Today Tonight show channel seven, Has come up with a new concept in a bra and this one will grow with your bust,

Kelly has has taken bras to a new level and with a bra like this one should make many woman happy,

Her bras are healthy for your bust and will eliminate pain in areas where woman suffer while enjoying the comfort of wearing the bra,

Offers enhancement
for the ladies who would like a bigger bust
along with all the other benefits Bust 'B' Free Bra will be a must have bra for your wardrobe,

Kelly personally thanks all her wearers of the Bustfree Bra and now offers them her new one

Kelly's past history before she invented bras was costume designing and with many ideas for the bust area she decided to give woman comfort for there breast,

This enabled woman to be free to wear what ever they liked in the fashion world today and into the future